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About IO Games

Play thousands of IO games on We have collected hundreds of .IO Games for you to play!

What are IO Games?

There are no such genre until the emerge of It became so popular so fast in the Internet. Then, other games with similar style like and pop up. They also had many players. As these games all have .IO as their TLD, which originally mean British Indian Ocean Territory, people start calling them as IO Games. Now, even games without .IO can be known as IO Games. It's more about gameplay styles than names.

Common IO Games Style

Creating fun and popular io games like and is not easy. Not only do you need new game ideas, there are also some common rules:
1. Can be played in one click. No registration needed.
2. Simple and quick gameplay.
3. Players can become more powerful. (e.g. bigger, longer, better weapons)
4. Multiplayer, fullscreen and can be played in browser.

Missing IO Games?

With so many new io games releasing, we may miss some of them. If you know of any games that is not on the list, please let us know by commenting below.

Your Favourite IO Game

Do you have any favourite io game? Comment below and tell us why! Also feel free to post any game reviews, gameplay video links in the Comment Section. With your permission, we may even use them in the website!



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