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About (Fortniteio) are Battle Royale style .io games in 2D. There are many game modes in Fortnight io, including solo, duo and squad mode! Give these Fornite io games a try! If you like games such as Fortnite, PUBG, or other Battle Royale games, these online and unblocked games would be fun to you!

Battle Royale Gameplay

All of the games here are your favourite Battle Royale games. Start in an arena with 100 players, pick up guns, ammos, potions or anything that is useful for you and fight to become the last man standing!

History of

The first Fortnite .io game was It was inspired by the popular games Fortnite and PUBG, and the Team wanted to create a 2D Battle Royale experience for gamers. Upon release, the game has received huge attention from the .io gamers, and then later YouTubers start playing it. The game continued to make frequent updates such as new games and places and eventually the game exploded. Several weeks later, was released. Not only did it exploded like, it also has mobile version which has gained even more players.

Alternative Names,,,, ZOMBS Battle Royale



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