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PokeHeroes is a popular Pokémon MMORPG fan game. With awesome graphics and a huge world to explore, you can become a Pokemon trainer and engage yourselves into Pokemon battles and competitions.

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PokéHeroes (PokeHeroes) gives your the experience of being a curious pokemon trainer in the world of Pokemons. Explore the world, discover and collect rare Pokemons, challenge gyms and battle with other players around the world.

As a Trainer

Take on the role of a Pokémon trainer, breeder and collector! Adopt eggs, hatch and raise them to strong monsters. Explore unknown areas, collect and trade for precious items, or complete difficult quests! There are many features to explore and many interesting characters that you will meet.


PokéHeroes is also a real community-based game. You can communicate with people all over the world via chat, arrange Pokémon and Item trades with them.


1. Train your Pokémon to Level 100 or even higher! There's no level limit in PokéHeroes! Send your Pokémon on exciting rumble missions - they can battle wild ones and also find some items! Collect data of your Pokémon in your Pokédex

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