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Nightwalkers is a Zombie survival game set in a night setting with the main gameplay element being a noise meter: almost every action creates noise and when the meter is full a zombie will spot and chase you.

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In (Night Walkers), you only have a flash light and also some street lamps for vision. Random crates will be on the map to help players, there might be weapons and medpacks in them.


1. Mouse (Move)
2. Right-click (Melee Attack)
3. Left-click (Shoot/Use Aid Kit)

Team Game

Your goal in is to survive. Unlike most .io games which are usually PVP, Night Walkers is a co-op game. Try to co-operate with other players and survive as long as possible

Noise Meter

In NightWalkersio, there is a Noise Meter which shows the noise you create. When it is full,zombies will rush towards you. Therefore, try to keep your noise to minimum. Gun fire will create noise, thus only shoot when it is necessary.

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