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My Profit Land

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My Profit Land is a online strategy game in browser. It is a simulation game where you can start your own business company, military or even a country. Expand your power!

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More about My Profit Land

My Profit Land (MPL) is one of the few unique strategic business games where rewards are given for your daily activity. As a business and politics simulator, My Profit Land offers you the possibility to open companies, fight, work or even declare wars against another country. MyProfitLand is a very complex game. The more you play it, the more options you will discover in the open world!


Energy is one of the most important things in MPL. It determines your Productivity, Economic Score, Damage done in Wars and Gold Earnings.


Working or doing a job is one of the main sources of income in MPL for beginners.


Recruitment is an extra source of income in MPL. All of the players you recruit will also be real players, which makes the simulation more realistic and fun!

Other Features

Military Vehicles, Markets, Companies, Finances, Country, Organizations, Partners, Ranking, Community

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