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Mope.io is an animal battle arena io game. Eat to grow big, drink water to survive and start ruling the forest in Mope.io!

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More about Mope.io

Mope is an .io game about food chain and ecosystem. You start as a small animal (a small mouse) to grow up. Soon you will level up and can change to stronger animals of your choice. Mope.io has different biomes, like grassland, ocean and iceland. Animals have unique abilities, for instance dragon can shoot out fire while T-Rex can bite.


1. Mouse (Move)
2. Left Click/Space (Dash)
3. Right Click/W (Special Ability)

How to Play

The main goal of Mope.io is to evolve and become the strongest animal of the game, which is the Black Dragon. You will begin as a mouse, eat food to gain XP. When you have collected sufficient XP, you will level up and evolve into a new animal, and then you can start eating other smaller animals. Eat food, hunt smaller animals, avoid stronger animals and eventually you will become the strongest animal of Mope.io!


Currently, there are 3 types of biomes in Mope.io, namely Land, Ocean and Arctic. Each biomes have their own unique animals, such as Mouse for Land, Shrimp for Ocean and Chipmunk for Arctic. More biomes such as Jurassic and Poison are coming soon! Some animals like Hedgehog and T-Rex are added as hints for the 2 biomes.


Mope.io is one of the most popular .io games as well as one of the most updated ones. There are currently 16 tiers of animals and over 50 species of animals available to play, ranging from flying Eagles to fire-breathing Dragons.

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.IO Games Social Action Mope.io Animal Kid



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