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Hole.io (Holeio)

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Hole.io is a fun .io game where you need to eat the entire city. You start as a small black hole, eat up your way until your become the strongest and largest black hole of the game.

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More about Hole.io (Holeio)

Hole.io (Holeio) is a fun .io game created by the developer of Paper.io. With good 3D graphics, you control a black hole and your goal is to consume the entire city, including trees, cars and even buildings.


1. WASD (Move)

How to Play

Get as much points as possible in 2 minutes. Avoid Black Holes that are larger than you. Chase and eat smaller black holes.

Android Version vs Web Version

The mobile version of Hole.io is the original and the popular version. But need not to worry, we have prepared the browser version for you here.

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