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Gartic is an io game about drawing and guessing. Take turns and see who can get the most points in this drawing game of!

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Draw, Guess and Win! That’s what is all about. (Garticio) is 100% free! Every round, a player is chosen to draw something for the other players to guess.

How to Play

When is other player's turn, try to guess what is the drawing. Use the box of answers to send your guess. You can also use the chat box to have fun, talking to other players. When is your turn to draw, use the tools to create the better draw you can! With more players finding the word, more points you got! Quick Tips

Make use of hints. But the more hints you use, the less points you will get. Try to Guess and Draw as fast as possible for more points. Do not include words in drawings or there will be penalty.

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Drawing .IO Games Creative Unblocked Online Free



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