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.IO Games Unblocked Online Free Sword [ + ] is an exciting .io game about swords and slashing in a simple and classical style. Challenge other players in an open arena, level up and grow your sword and become the legendary warrior in the evolution! Play now!

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There are different upgrades and levels in, including Knight, Fire Wizard, Thunder God Thor and much more! As you kill other players and level up, you will unlock new skins!


1. Mouse (Move)
2. Left-click (Attack)
3. Right-click (Dash/Boost)

How to Play

The main goal of (Evowarsio) is to get as much points as possible. In Evolution Wars, the more points you have, the bigger and stronger you become. And of course you sword will become longer, thus making it easier for you to kill others. However, no matter how high your level is, you will still get killed by anybody easily. You can still be one-shotted by Level Ones.


In, it is better to collect orbs (points) at lower level. And only engage in PVP when you are high level enough, because dying loses all of your points and levels. Don't be afraid to waste points for speed boost, because it spending those points can save your life. Before attacking, make sure there are no extra enemies approaching, because you are very vulnerable when attacking others. Have fun playing!

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.IO Games Unblocked Online Free Sword



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