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Deeeep is an io game about sea animals eating each others. Start as a little fish, eat to grow and climb up the food chain in Deeeep.io!

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More about Deeeep.io

Deeeep.io is an .io game about food chain and ecosystem. You start as a small fish and grow up. You will level up and evolve into a stronger fish. Deeeep.io has over 50 types of fishes, different biomes and various game modes.


1. Mouse (Move)
2. Left Click (Dash)
3. M (Chat Window)
4. ESC (Menu Window)

How to Play

The main goal of Deeeep.io is to evolve and become the shark, which is the strongest fish of the game, which is the Black Dragon. You will begin as a small fish, eat food to grow in size. Soon, you will level up and evolve into a new fish, and you can eat other fishes to grow bigger fast. Eat food and smaller fishes, while avoiding bigger fishes and eventually you will become the shark of Deeeep.io!

Deeeep.io Game Modes

There are currently 4 game modes in Deeeep.io, namely Free For All (FFA), Lastman Mode, Pearl Mode and PVP Mode. What are you waiting for? Play Deeeep.io now!

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