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Clickpocalypse 2

Idle Quick Unblocked Online Free Clicker [ + ]

Clickpocalypse 2 is an idle and zero-player game (ZPG) where you can choose you party members such as Fighter, Priest, Ranger, Pyromancer and explore the land of CLICKPOCALYPSE! Play Clickpocalpse 2 now!

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More about Clickpocalypse 2

Clickpocalypse II is the sequel to the ever popular Clickpocalypse, this game deviates from the simple design of its predecessor and expands into an automated graphical world.

Choosing Heroes

When the complete map has been cleared, you can restart with a new party (prestige), or continue on a new map with the same party. The more you complete maps, the more new heroes are unlocked.

Starting Heroes

Fighter, Priest, Ranger, Pyromancer, Rogue, Druid

Unlockable Heroes

Barbarian, Electromancer, Ninja, Necromancer, Chicken King, Spider Lord


Same as Clickpocalypse, Clickpocalypse 2 is developed by Jim808.

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