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Agar.Pro (AgarPro)

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AgarPro is a cell-eating io game like Agar.io, but with much more game modes. Start eating and grow big in Agar.Pro!

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Agar.Pro (AgarPro) Video 2 Agar.Pro (AgarPro) Video 1 Agar.Pro (AgarPro) Video 0

More about Agar.Pro (AgarPro)

AgarPro is an improved version of the popular game - Agar.io. With more game modes, more skins and more fun!


1. Mouse (Movement)
2. Space (Split)
3. W (Eject Mass)
4. E (Fast Eject Mass)

How to Play

In Agar Pro, your goal is to get as big as possible, dominate the map and become rank 1 in the Leaderboard!

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