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20Q - or 20 Questions, is a website where you play against the computer (Artificial Intelligence). The computer will ask you 20 questions and see if it can guess what you are thinking! Do you accept the challenge?

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More about 20Q

20Q is a test where the computer (Artificial Intelligence) will try to guess what you are thinking. By using Machine Learning, 20Q can also learn about new things the more times people play it. Think of anything, such as any animals, plants, mineral or even unrealistic concepts.

Does 20Q really work?

Just give it a try, mind-blow incoming.

Can 20Q read your mind?

(Yes, it can) It knows almost everything and can read you like a book. Do you accept the challenge?

Is 20Q always correct?

Not always, but it’s right 80% of the time, or 98% of the time if you let it ask 25 questions. But remember, 20Q is always learning...

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