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SpaceSymbols is an io game about symbols and shapes fighting in the galaxy. Take the shape of your opponents and absorb their symbols in!

These symbols are not afraid of anything, they are crafty and changeable, they are as bright as the sun and endlessly cunning! They absorb planets one by one, they grow and alter their shape. Become one of them, collect the whole set of symbols, absorb planets and other players!

Game also known as:, spacesymbolsio, spacesymbols io, spacesymbols


Genre: .io Games
Creator: Roman Yuriov
Rating: 80 of 100 (21 votes)

How to Play

- Take the shape of your opponent and absorb his or her symbol!
- To absorb your opponent, you need to have the same shape, but make sure you take his or her shape after your opponent has taken it!
- Click it or press the space bar to change the symbol.
- Absorb more planets and enemies to open a new symbol.
- The farther from the symbol your cursor is, the faster it moves.
- Use acceleration to attack your opponent by surprise.
- The symbol change rate increases as more symbols are opened.


Fullscreen, Unblocked, Online, Free